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Courses Underwater Photography


Take your diving experience to a higher level. We are partnering with Fun In to provide an underwater photography school so you can improve your underwater photography technique and sharpen your sense of art.

Basic Underwater Photography Class:

  1. Essences of Photography
    1. Art and Media Communication
    2. Understanding Aperture
    3. Understanding Speed
    4. Understanding Depth of Field
    5. Understanding ISO
    6. White Balance
    7. Composition and Golden Section
  2. Diving and Underwater Photography
    1. Land vs Underwater Photography
    2. Scuba Diving
    3. Ethics
  3. Underwater Photography Equipment
    1. Camera and Technology
    2. Housing
    3. Wide and Macro Lens
    4. Ports
    5. Strobes and Arms
    6. Other Accessories
    7. Maintenance
  4. Underwater Photography
    1. Shoot Close and Up
    2. Macro vs Wide Angle
    3. Compact Camera Settings
    4. DSLR Camera Settings


  1. Have min Open Water certification
  2. Have camera, compact or DSLR

Advance and Photoshop Underwater Class